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Regardless of the verdict, America will by and large be the same country, littered with the same racism of colonial periods that has evolved from calling blacks “niggers”, to “ghetto”, from calling the dialects of many blacks in America “nigger speak” to “ghetto talk”. That’s the sad part.

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Breaking Bad.
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INDICUD First Impressions

1. The Resurrection Of Scott Mescudi

Okay, I think I was just tricked into listening to a track off of WZRD, which was easily Cudi’s worst work so far. Yeah, not loving this so far Mr. Mescudi.

2. Unfuckwittable

Holy ballsack. Maybe my volume is up too high, but the synths need to be toned down. WAY down. Seriously Scott, perhaps you have never produced anything before or have never made a beat, but there is a pretty distinct line between over the top and crowded production and good, balanced, polish production. (Please see exhibit A: All of Kanye West’s production discography)

3. Just What I Am

I mean, I guess this is an okay track. Probably the most “listenable” one so far (ie. I don’t want to shoot my ears). Also, another thing worth noting is that this is the first track in which I can actually hear individual words from the Cudder rather than just mumbles that are suffocated by that god awful production.

4. Young Lady

The small inflections in Cudi’s voice is just so awful when dealing with an instrumental with such large sweeping chords. Not only does it make Cudi sound out of tune, it adds an extra layer of I never want to listen to this ever again. Hooks and samples are interesting though, the girl singing during the hook is probably the best production decision so far.

5. King Wizard

Eh, there’s Cudi going around throwing around the word “Wizard” again. Sigh, I really wish he would just disassociate himself from that era of his life; there’s nothing wrong with using guitars in hip hop production but there is a problem when it’s not done well. Anyways, the production on this track is okay. Nothing really remarkable like Made Her Say but not as awful as the first three tracks. The rapping version of Cudi is also much better than the groaning/singing Cudder.

6. Immortal

So Cudi decided to reverse a snippet of an MGMT song? Alright, I guess that’s not the worst he could have done (see first two tracks). But seriously Cudi, stop this singing nonsense for your solo ventures. It’s okay if you’re a featured artist or if you have like fifteen seconds on a song, but your groans are seriously getting really annoying.

7. Solo Dolo Part II

Kendrick couldn’t save this one. Just listen to Solo Dolo (Part I) instead.

8. Girls

It’s…mediocre. Absolutely not record of the year, but not deserving of the Rebecca Black Record of the Year award either. Clearly, this is just one of those throw away songs as evidenced by the hook: “I see pretty girls every where I go, every every where I go…”.

9. New York City Rage Fest

Interesting… instrumental. I’m not hating it or anything, but what’s the purpose? Unlike MotM II, there is no coherent storyline or structure for the listener to follow. DId Cudi just want to play on his drum pads and ended up accidentally recording a track? Dunno, but at least there’s no Cudi singing.

10. Red Eye

Hit-Boy is listed as having production credits on this one but honestly, there is nothing “Hit-Boy” about this track. Maybe Hit-Boy just gave Cudi some sort of approval and Cudder took that as him wanting to be added to the production credits? Also, are you allowed to be billed as the main artist when the hook takes up 99% of the song?

11. Mad Solar

This track is probably the most similar to anything that Cudi has released previously in MotM and MotM II. Yet, there’s something missing.

12. Beez

RZA kills it, production is okay, Cudi doesn’t kill it.

13. Brothers

Oh god, I really don’t want to listen to another track off of this album. I’m gonna skip to Cold Blooded.

14. Burn Baby Burn

See 13.


15. Lord of the Sad and Lonely

See 13. 


16. Cold Blooded





17. Afterwards

This song is 9 minutes long. I don’t think I can handle this right now.


18. The Flight of the Moon Man

As you can see from my gradual decrease in words per song, I’m not really liking this album. This song did nothing to change my mind otherwise.


INDICUD First Impressions Score: D.



Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar
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Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar
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Don Draper: What you call love was invented by men like me to sell nylons.
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Breaking Bad season 5 poster. Crystal Blue Persuasion. Created in Photoshop CS5.
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